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Ravinder Walia - SHO Defender

new 5/23/02

Ravinder Walia


Dear Ford Motor Company,

I am writing to express my deep concern over the problems of CAM failures within the Ford Taurus V8 SHO motor vehicles.

The VIN number of my car is 1FAP54N9WA183223

I’m would modestly say that I am a loyal Ford customer. My father worked for IVECO Ford in England for 30years and always had fords (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 Escorts, Escort Gti’s and recently Ford Focuses). With all these fords in my family's history, when I was old enough to buy cars I also bought Fords. I should point out my father lives and worked for Ford in England, I was also born and raised in the UK.

In 1998 my work as an RFIC Engineer brought me to work in the US, and of course I had to buy a car. The cars and car companies in the US, as I’m sure you will be aware, are completely different to those in England. With nobody to guide me I went with who had always looked after me. I went down to the Ford dealership and drove out in my 98 Escort. After a years trouble free motoring I discovered my 98 Taurus SHO. Within an hour of the test drive I had traded in my Escort and was driving home in my new Ford. The next day I proudly parked it next to the BMW and Mercedes in the company car park, went into the office and proudly sang the SHO’s praises.

Fast forward a year, I was offered a job back in the UK which I took. The SHO was coming with me. I shipped her to the UK. Made all the costly modifications to get her to pass the UK import test. Everyday I deal with the hassles of driving a left hand drive car (in the UK we drive on the left hand side, so the steering wheel is on the ‘wrong side’) and pay higher insurance as a result. I also pay $4.30 per US gallon. This I gladly do to drive what I believe is a truly unique car (and even more so in the UK).

Following the SHO mailing list and hearing from friends in the US. There seems to be a large and growing number of cam failures in our cars. This to any SHO owner is extremely worrying. To myself this is a nightmare. My personal situation is that if, or though now it seems more likely when, my cams go, my SHO is dead due to the cost of shipping, insurance, duty, VAT and then dealing with mechanics who will know nothing about SHOs.

With all the loyalty I have shown the Ford Motor Company, I believe now is the time Ford should demonstrate their commitment to their product and their customers. The problems with the cams should be speedily acknowledged and addressed. Your actions in this matter will determine whether I and my family, continue to buy Fords or start to look elsewhere. Also in the age where communication is a lightning speed and many consumer research buys and companies on the internet, this cannot be an issue that can be ignored.

I look forward to your reply.


Ravinder Walia.

98 Taurus SHO in the UK

52, 000 miles.

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