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Protech Cam Weld Experience

new 8/17/02, updated 1/31/03, 10/7/2003,10/16/2003, 4/27/2004

Just got back from Gaithersburg, MD last night. Took the SHO up there to have the cams welded at Protech. My experience was GREAT. They took me to the hotel and even picked me up the next day. Kevin welded a bead all the way around each cam and in a couple of other places, me not being a mechanic could not tell you where but he did. Kevin found a problem with one of my valves. It was not coming up all the ways. He worked on it and found it was a carbon build up. Could have caused a big problem if left alone, he fixed it too for no extra charge. They worked hard to get the car done knowing I had to get back to NC beings that my mother is in the hospital. So all in all if you live close to Gaithersburg and need work done on the SHO I would take it there. Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, not to mention some great guys, So a BIG THANKS to:

Kevin Mahoney, Shawn Knight, and Matt Ochsman to the GRAND JOB!!!

Tommy Bullock
97 SHO
North Carolina


I had my cams welded by ProTech Automotive in Gaithersburg, MD just a matter of days after I bought my 1999 SHO from a Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealer in New Holland, PA. My SHO was a one owner trade-in with rather high mileage (69,300) and was traded for a Lincoln LS after the owner was told that Ford no longer made the Taurus SHO. Kevin Mahoney not only welded the cams but replaced the valve cover and runner gaskets as well as the plugs while he had it opened up. He was great to work with. I felt like I received excellent value and was extremely relieved when he told me that my engine looked to be in great condition and that it should be good for another 100,000 miles! I believe I will have it paid for by then. You know, a few miles down the road my "check engine" light came on which scared the hell out of me. I called Kevin and he said bring it right back. He spent another hour diagnosing and fixing the problem (which turned out to be minor and unrelated to the work he'd done) and didn't charge me a dime. A class act and highly recommended!

John D. McDivitt
1124 Peggy Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036-9015
(717) 566-4423

Took my 97' up to ProTech in December and had the cams welded, plugs, intake cleaning, all new gaskets, Mobil 1 oil change (first time), plus a brake upgrade install. Just before doing all this I also installed a SHO Shop catback system.

So I don't know if it is the new plugs, or the catback, or a combination of everything, or all in my mind, but my car is running beautifully, and has more power. As a matter of fact, at the risk of being told I'm dreaming, I am positive that I have a LOT more power now.

My "butt dyno" may be subjective in general, but I have a very intense increase in torque steer at full throttle, from a rolling start especially. Is that an objective measurement of increased power? (Or just an indication of tire wear??)

W. Gordon Finley
97 ES
P.S. Test drove a Marauder last week. Ho hum.


Larry, not much to say as far as posting my experience. Got the work done in Maryland, at Protech automotive. They seem very familiar with the car. The fella's allowed me to take a look, once when they pulled the covers to show me where the weld take place, then again after the weld. I took pictures also, but seeing the problem helps to understand. They are a little pricey, but they do the whole service, with the plugs, cleaning the intakes, and running the solutions through, etc. Took 5-6 hours, which seemed long, but taking their time is a good thing, rather than rushing it. Thanks for checking in with me. Let me know if you have any further questions,


I had the cams welded at Protech in Gaithersburg, MD on 10-15-03 and now I feel much more at ease with that big worry out of the way. Kevin Mahoney and his top-wrench, Morgan did a great and professional job, getting me in and out in the same day since I had to drive down from NJ.
I'd certainly recommend Protech to anyone in the middle-Atlantic states who needs the weld. Also had then install an improved rotor and pad set on all four corners in the same trip. They also give the whole car a good going over to spot potential problems areas.

Medford, NJ



I got my car back from Protech auto yesterday. I can now say I share in the peace of mind that the horrid ticking time bomb noise will never return. I also got my 100K. The car runs so smooth that I had to go out on 50 just to see how smooth she would get to the century mark. I can only say wow. Protech is a little pricey, but so are homes and peace of mind.
Now all I need to do is find out what this popping noise is, replace my humming calipers, and recharge the A/C. I am almost there.
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