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Portland - Cam Failure #781

New 2/27/07

Buford, look what I found tonight! Popped the covers on an engine I pulled this past weekend. '96 MG (1FALP54N2TA253384) W/102K miles. Front intake. Belonged to a lady in Portland, Oregon, who was supposedly told by dealer that engine had overheated and seized. Had coolant in oil pan, oil filter, and rear exhaust. Trying to find out more as car belongs to fellow in Boise, Idaho. Lucien

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Possibly driving around on 4 cylinders caused a vibration bad enough to break something else serious enough to leak coolant? I know mine would run but only at WOT and it rattled like crazy. Could also have occurred while the engine was cold and popped a valve head or two off punching holes into the water jacket of the head?

Carter Fuji

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