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Pocatello Idaho - Cam Failure #812

New 5/24/07, 5/29/07


just had a '97 ES, vin# 1FALP54N7VA132613 and 117,576 miles, delivered from the neighboring town of Pocatello, ID. Referred to me by local Ford technician who was contacted by shop that had a bad running SHO and wanted to know what he thought. Car barely ran, front exhaust would get hot but rear wouldn't. He told them to contact me. They didn't really want to work on the car when he told them what had probably happened; so here it is. Pretty busy this holiday, including delivering recent '99 VW cam weld to Montana on Sunday morning and watching NASCAR this weekend, so don't know when I'll get the covers off to confirm.


Details Pending - Buford


Started teardown on cam failure #812. It was the rear intake. Started late in the day so didn't get the head pulled. Y-pipe, alternator and bracket, and water pump connection and the head is ready to lift out. Found something I haven't had to deal with before; a leaking power steering pump shaft seal. Seems someone was fighting getting a good, working replacement pump a month or so back. Don't remember the final outcome. While no one volunteered the info, has anyone attempted a disassembly? Successful reassembly? Problematic issues? TIA,


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