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Pledge Week


The contract for our site provider is due November 1st. I am going to write a personal check on Monday to cover it ($250). About 6 weeks ago I talked to Michael Ivy about this. A year ago we collected enough money for about a year & a half. As you may know Michael has not had a SHO for over a year and all the day to day editing and management of V8SHO has fallen to me. I think I have passed the probationary period. I plan to fully assume ownership and run V8SHO just as I have for the last two years.

Mike reminded me of all of his out of pocket expenses he had getting V8SHO up and running the first year, expenses he feels less good about now that he no longer owns a SHO. I suggested Mike might pay the fee for the V8SHO domain name for the next 5 years in advance, keep something to partially offset those expenses he incurred starting V8SHO. Last week I sent an Email to Mike and have yet to get an answer, which does not alarm me, he could be on vacation or what ever.

In the best of times my finances are shall we say "irregular", I donít want to be the group banker. What I purpose is this. Send $15 to V8SHO c/o Don Mallinson, 902 S. Main, Washington, IL 61571

Make the check payable to Don Mallinson, Don will reimburse me for this year and hold the funds for us for next year if we have a surplus. Donations are NOT tax deductible (we are not a charity nor a for profit organization) and should you have a hissy fit anytime during then next 12 months contributions are not refundable.

I would ask you to please drop a check soon since I have bills like everyone else. As in the past contributors will have their name on http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/Friends.html

Timothy Wright

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