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Pinning Problems

new 8/4/03

I wanted to add to the Cam Welding vs Cam Pinning choice to correct our problem. I spent a great deal of time trying to decide which would be the best method to solve the issue on my 96 SHO. It has 125000 miles and I just purchased it in April. After reading all the information I could, I decided Pinning was the right option for me. After sending my cams out to and waiting 7 weeks, they were returned to me with pins but also with cracked cam sprockets (on all 4 cams, Photos attached). Just wanted everyone to know my experience. I finally put a new set of cams in without pinning or welding and purchased a second set for future modification. I do not think pinning is a solution to our problem and I would recommend welding to anyone in the future.

Dave Schuh
Bloomington, Il

There is an old adage that you can't make something stronger by drilling holes or removing metal. It is not clear to me the hub portion of the sprockets is thick enough; i.e.. intended for pinning. In this case see the hair line cracks between the pin and the edge of the hub. Was the hub cracked when they peened the end? If the sprocket/hub is hard enough to resist chain wear it will be brittle enough not to take much hammering. 

Thanks for sharing Dave




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