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Phillip Smith - Cam Failure

new 8/24/02


I recently (A year ago) purchased a SHO. 1997 Black. I got it cheap ($1000.00) because the engine was kapooee! I bought a low mileage engine ($2600.00) and after removing and installing it four times, I finally have it purring like a kitten, for a little under 4 grand. I have a complete used engine that I want to part out. So if you know anyone interested, Give them my e-mail address.

Man this car can move. I originally bought it for my 14 year old son's first ride, but now that I have driven it, It might be too much power for him!

I live in Six Mile, SC and my e- mail is smithpm@Pickens.k12.sc.us.

Phillip Smith

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