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Title: Philip Hollingsworth - Cam Failure #309


I am a 97 sho owner. I did not know ford had a problem with the cams. Recently the front intake cam cog stripped. I had to order a cam from ford. They then shipped me a new cam. It was just like the old one it was compressed in instead of being welded. I paid for everything out of pocket. Needless to say the mechanic got the cam put in and my car still did not run. We think it bent the valves. So right now I am in the process of buying a different motor out of a 99 model sho.
Do you think I need to have the cams welded on it and send ford the bill for the motor, cam, and the labor, that i have spent out of pocket on a problem they knew they had from the start. Your website has helped me out a great deal. Without your website I would have never found out about the problem.
I have asked the ford dealership in Boaz, Alabama if they have a problem with the cams and they said they haven't heard of any. Do you think that is just a cover-up for their screw-up. I would really like to hear your response and some advise on the problem I have at hand. it seems like you know exactly what I need to do. Thank your for time and your SHO support. 

Philip Hollingsworth

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