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Phil Sills - Cam Failure #475

New 11/16/2004

Dear Larry,
I like you have lost a great deal ($ 12,860.00) on a 1999 Ford Taurus V8 SHO. Ours was purchased for our twin teenage sons upon their graduation from high
school. They helped pay for the car by working nights cleaning a movie theater in our town. Now it's just junk sitting besides our house. The camshaft went at
74K and even though we had a Ford ESP warranty, the cost of repair was more than the value of the car.

It's a crime what their doing, Ford and their dealers. I've been following your class action lawsuit and I know the problem suing Ford. They'll drag it out till the turn of the century. What I propose is for camshaft victims, who purchased their cars from Ford
dealers, to picket those dealers. If a group of camshaft victims arrived in front of a Ford dealership with signs protesting the concealment of camshaft defects and pass out press releases to a prearranged media coverage we might generate public and media
support for our plight. The website is fine but only after you have a disaster do you find it. Too late to do anything about it.
If we could coordinate a plan, possibly regionally, it could act to spur Ford to negotiate. If anything, state regulators might jump on the bandwagon to "protect" the driving public. All we need is one state to demand inspections of Ford 96-99 Taurus V8 SHO camshafts. I know, I know, most state regulators are gutless wonders and will usually defer to the Fed's, but maybe, just maybe they'll be one who'll champion driver safety. That's all you need, just one precedent. Think about it and get back to me.
Phil Sills
Norwell, MA 02061

I thought long and hard about it Phil, I chose to sue em! There are only around 20,000 cars that were originally produced. More than likely there are far fewer than that still in running condition. Time will tell. The suit was filed two years ago in Federal Court. We shall see what happens.


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