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Phase 2, Assault Ford Phones & Dear Ford Investigations

new 6/02/02

I have been out of town for 3 days, no email. I don't know how much of this has leaked out to the list but FOMOCO would be pleased to have us provide 3 full sets of cams for them to perform destructive tests on.

I can see the value of the tests, to do things right. Ford wants us to provide them with a clean set of factory cams, a set of welded cams and a set of pinned cams.

My understanding is the retail price of one cam used to be ~$250, then when cars started to lose engines left and right Ford raised the cost of each cam to ~$900 (on existing stock). So Ford wants US to supply THEM with (12) $900 cams - plus welding or pinning ~ add another $1000?

My math comes to $10,800 + $1,000 ~ $12,000.

Well may be Ford should just open their own damn wallet because that is about the same total for one rebuilt & installed engine, If a company the size of FORD MOTOR COMPANY does not like getting caught with a $12,000 tab for "nothing" Then maybe they need to do some soul searching about the morality of doing precisely that to several 100, maybe a 1,000 SHO owners so far. Especially a few GIs currently deployed in combat zones who don't take home near as much as the worthless cheapskate jerks with corner offices at Ford.

Ford can never pay them for their forced bankruptcy, failed marriages and hard times with no car for months, but hey send us 12 cams to play with if you don't mind?

I think we may get able to get Doug to weld a set of cams for free, get Vadim to pin a set for free. That leaves $11,000 core costs and the bald fact that Ford wants us to buy a full set of Ford cams and them ship them back to them so they can break them? Some thing wrong with their wrist? Why don't they just pick up their own phone?

Does Ford understand that someone will someday soon get hurt at the current failure rate?

Did roll over victims provide Ford with a new explorer to crash test before the sued Ford's sorry behind?

Isn't Ford supposed to get this stuff right before they first sell it? Forget our bad engines, our cams, and we your customers. REMEMBER WHEN SOMEONE GETS HURT YOUR GOING TO HAVE YET ANOTHER QUARTER YOU WILL NEVER SOON FORGET.

If you guys, still think we can fix this before it is broke, let's call and email "KATHY" again, call it phase 2 - v8sho engine concern, may be 1000 emails & phone calls can help FOMOCO find a conscience if not a vertebra. They could just once do the right thing.

Here it is…


Go get ‘em, Buford…I am _____…big time!!!


In West (by Gawd) Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to hammer on Kathy, in a nice way because I think she is on our side and this is not her fault.

I thought we had this all done, but I'm not done until the job is over. Make sure Kathy knows that we think this is just another example of how messed up management is at FORD and how hard they are to do business with and insensitive to the reasonable needs and pleads of owners

If anyone sends me the email address for ford customer service I'll post all this on FAQ. Hammer time.

CUT & PASTE - phase 2 - v8sho engine concern - for the subject line, let's make it easy for them to keep neat files. It may be better to send E mail than call so they have a written record their way, and we need to build a distributed system of archives, just like Ford has a folder on us, so when you write Kathy consider CC the "usual suspects".


BTW, this is a public forum. Even without archives I always assumed FORD kept tabs on us, now I know they do. If you don't want FORD to know your sister is dating a sailor, or that you got a ticket for parking in a handicap zone then don't post it here and as always professionalism and vocabulary commiserate with our mission is required at all times, esp with "Kathy"

BTW #2, Next time Ford customer service tells me I am part of the "Ford Family" I want to tell them If I am part of the "Ford Family" then what they are doing to SHO owners is illegal in all 50 states.

This ain't no way to treat family.

Buford T Justice,
'97 VW

Find out Bill Ford's email address.  You've seen his passionate video advertisements - lt'e go after him!  Don't post this to the list but quietly see if any of your contacts know what it is likely to be.

Jim Merriman
'93 CR
'96 ES


I went through the same outrage when I read that Ford wants US to provide them with the cams so they can test them. I mean come on!

Also I don't see why Vadim or Doug would want to provide anything for free. That would seam to be a conflict of interest since if Ford is able to come up with a fix, that would cut into their business.

Frankly I don't blame them at all. They are the only ones that have stepped up to the plate to help us out while our "Ford Family" kicked us all to the curb.

Ford charges us such an outrageous price for these cams, I say we return the favor. Tell them that we will provide the cams that they request at a cost of $20,000.

I mean what are they going to do, say that they won't stand behind their product because we didn't "Give" them $12,000?

I have my cams welded but I still want to make sure that everybody else is treated right. Lets hope that whoever at Ford requested those cams was asking on his or her own volition and somebody figures out how ridiculous that is.

Take care,


Now that is totally absurd. Ford should look at their "hidden" warehouse to find their own V8 SHO engines and mess up their own camshafts. I'm going to have my cams welded and then make sure my tranny will last longer. I'm off to FPS this summer.

They can monitor this email list all they want. I don't care. They're lucky I like my SHO. I'm not lucky because FORD made it.

Rene Carlos Cruz <AtreidesPrime@comcast.net>

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