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Phase 2 - Robert Schuler

new 6/02/02

Morning Fellow SHO'ers,

As an owner of a '97 SHO, I diligently keep tabs on what is happening with the body count and the remedies for the cams. While I applaud all those leading the charge, I suspect that it will be all for nothing. Let me explain

First of all, I think Ford has no plans to fix our cars.

Ford is a company that is driven by profit, pure and simple. Stockholder returns are more important to Ford than us. We can send emails till our fingers are raw and Ford will wait us out by doing the typical corporate shuffle. It has already begun with the meeting this past week, then the request for cams. During the "discovery" time, Ford will assess their "liability" and the probability of repairs using both original warranty and ESP history. Bean counters rule you know.

Since warranty repairs are not beneficial to the dealer, we can expect little help from them. In fact, having our cars in the shop waiting for repairs give them ample to time to encourage us to buy a different car from them. Loyal Ford owners will not be discouraged by the cams fiasco just as we have not been by the history of breakage of Ford transmissions. Better for Ford to give us a check toward a new Ford car thus increasing sales (profit) for Ford and the dealers.

Our cars are almost 4 to 8 models years old, an eternity in car years especially considering a total of 1.17% were SHO' during the 4 year production run. How many of these actually went to real customers and not to Ford employees via executive leases to help Ford fulfill the contract with Yamaha? The average car is traded every 35 months I read somewhere. End of warranty and Ford is off the hook.

The recent increase in cam costs is just a hint as to their concern about us. A 400% increase helps to offset cost of warranty repairs and also keeps parts on the shelf to insure they keep the Feds happy regarding the 7-year rule. Plus as an owner, it would be a tough decision to spend $5000 on a car that is worth $8960 (trade in value, KBB). It really is a no brainier as to whether it is better to fix or trade. Better to trade the car NOW and count our blessing.

I ask SHO owners I see in SE Michigan if they have had trouble with their car and if they know about V8SHO.com. I have yet to hear anyone acknowledge trouble or V8SHO.

Of the 230 SHO on the list, 131 submitted information, which is great. Will Ford see this as a reinforcement of their belief that the cams are not a major problem? Granted the list may not be up to date as owners have wrecked or traded cars but combined with Ford's internal data and the current number of SHO's on the road via state's vehicle registrations, I think the decision to stonewall is inevitable. I hope I am proven wrong.

Bob Schuler


Morning Kathy,

I am the owner of a 97 SHO purchased in May of '98 that currently has 41000 miles on it. While I have not been the victim of the cam failures, I am concerned that it will be just a matter of time.

What I am asking for is a recall to replace the 4 cams with an improved part whether it be a new design or pinned cams by Vadim. I check V8SHO.com weekly for updates.

In lieu of immediate repair by Ford, they can either extend my warranty via the ESP program or issue a Ford Owner Loyalty Check that will be combined with a trade in value that is based on a motor that is running.

Thanks for your time Kathy,

Bob Schuler

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