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Performance Plus Cam Welds

new 12/18/02

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From: Corey Wilkins 
To: v8sho 
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Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 10:34 PM

As promised, I am reporting my experience at Performance Plus today in Madison, Wisconsin.  They are all very nice, and easy to talk to there.  Doug (of perf plus) told me that he had talked to Doug (of FPS) on this procedure due to the many people coming to them for the cam welds.  This told me that he was very willing to take the advise and help of someone who had already been doing this, instead of just jumping into it.  They had already done several weld jobs on GEN III's, and this also reassured me that my SHO was in very capable hands.  (I still hate having anyone else work on my car though)

My wife and I dropped off my '97 SHO at 8 a.m. and called the local enterprise to pick me up there. (I had reserved a car over the net)  I asked Doug to take pictures of the cams after they were welded with my digital camera, and he was happy to do so.  So about 7 hrs later we went back to pick it up, and I can now listen to the radio instead of listening for the famous "tick-tick" that everyone fears.  

I attached the pics, and hope they make it through.  As you can see, these are no "tiny tack" welds as shown on the SHOSHOP cam that the welds broke on.  If these welds break, Iíll bet there will also be a piston lying on the hood.  He did the welds about a half inch at a time, but it appears he did more than just three on each cam.  It looks like it is welded almost all the way around.  Which is all right as long as the welds cooled between times (from what I've been told).  

Overall, I would, and will recommend them to anyone out there who just can't make the trip to FPS.  I had a great time in Madison, and am now relieved that the cams are welded.  Thank You PERFORMANCE PLUS!!

Corey Wilkins

97 ES

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