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Peggy Somerville - Cam failure #649

New 12/3/05

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My name is Peggy Somerville from Calvin, Oklahoma.

I've been reading over the website... you can put me down as another fatality. I own a 1997 Silver Taurus SHO with a now bad engine. I didn't get a reason, just "oh, they do that" it will cost from $2,400 (a used motor with over 100k miles) - $5,000 (a used motor with 40k miles) to fix it.

I never knew about the cam problem. I don't know if that's what happened to my car or how to tell if that happened to my car... all I know is that the engine is "no good" and it doesn't run anymore.

The mechanic said he got it started and it knocks real bad and doesn't have oil pressure.

About two weeks before, the oil light started blinking on now and then. We changed the oil & filter although it wasn't quite time to. A week later while driving, it stalls. When I tried to get it started ( I was over a hill on a busy street with cars coming up fast), it wouldn't turn over, just made an awful grunt sound, like it seized.

Anyhow, this car means a lot to me for reasons I won't go into here, but it's heartbreaking that IF I had known about the problems with this engine or cam, I would have had it fixed before this happened.

I'm going to tell everyone I see with a V8SHO to get the cams welded before their engine goes!!! It's too late for me, but maybe save someone else's SHO.


Details Pending - Buford

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