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Paul D. Marchu - Cam Failure #474

New 11/13/2004

I have been a very proud SHO owner since I purchased my vehicle in September of 2002, and feel in love with the sound of the engine and the mustang eating capabilities of the car, ever since I bought the car any stock mustang GT has been unable to beat me. (Iím not counting the new 2005 mustangsÖ) Since I purchased the vehicle I have done many upgrades to it including the last Borla Cat-Back exhaust system (I believe from FPS) that was available it was the Cat-Back system they had on the wall for so long. I have made a cold air intake system with plumbing parts from my local ace hardware for around $10 and some time and I have babied my car ever since I got it, not to mention I always have used full synthetic oil every 3,000 miles. I know there is a debate on the oil and probably always will, but I have chosen to use Castrol Full Synthetic 10w/30w ever since I got my car.

The big probably I was having until recently with the car was it eats through transmissions, being on my third transmission now (last transmission replaced at 100K Miles) I was very upset about going through so many transmission and wondered why the transmission wasnít beefed up to handle the 3.4L V8, for all I could tell it was the same AX4N that was used in the regular Tauruses with 2 less cylinders and in some instances a lot less horse power.

On 09/15/2004 I was driving my vehicle in rainy weather when my engine stalled out and died. ([Indio, California] South on Madison Street right by Avenue 60th) I was going around 30MPH at the time. Much to my dismay my vehicle wouldnít turn over and I was forced to stay at the side of the road in wet, raining weather with very little recourse. At the time I didnít have AAA or any other road side assistance. In around 15 minutes I was able to restart the vehicle and drive to my house (10 minutes away), but with a loud knocking noise that was consistent with engine RPM and gets louder as the engine revs higher. I have been very busy with work and havenít been able to report thisÖ sorry about that. Since this incident my vehicle sits in my driveway being unable to drive for fear of making things worse, plus paying around $200 a month in auto insurance (not to mention the $400 a month I pay for the car) for a vehicle I can no longer drive. Keep in mind Iím 22 and that is why everything costs more for me and I absolutely feel in love with this car when I purchased it from my local Ford dealer as a lease return. I have since added a Borla Cat-Back system to it and was planning on adding a Supercharger for Christmas this year. I really miss my SHO, but feel there really isnít much I can do. I would consider declaring bankruptcy, but my grandmother co-signed on the car which is why I got 6.25% interest on the car when I got it in 2002.

Vehicle Information:

1999 Ford Taurus SHO

Tropic Green

VIN: 1FAFP54N1XA163937

Just though I would mention I didnít get such a good deal on this car when I got it with 40K on the odometer I think the dealership I purchased it from brought the price up beyond what it was supposed to be.

Thank you,
Paul D. Marchu





Dear Larry here is the information

1. 1FAFP54N1XA163937

2. 09/15/2004

3. Problem happened on a city street, Monroe & 62nd Avenue


5. 30MPH

6. Staying at constant speed

7. September, 2002; Used

8. 46,000 Miles; Lease Return

9. Paul David Marchu,

10. All of a sudden after turning onto Monroe Street vehicle stalled (There was no warning signs that were

Apparent). I pulled vehicle over and attempted to start vehicle, vehicle started and then the engine died.

Waited 30mins or so and started engine again and was able to drive vehicle back to my house, but vehicle

Had trouble shifting into any gear and shifted really hard. Additionally the engine lost at least

50% of the original power and even if I floored the gas the vehicle barely moved.

11. I spoke to Tracy at Fiesta Ford in Indio, California 760-772-8000, the estimate came to around 6,000+ to replace The motor, plus some additional labor.

12. I was not satisfied with the explanation for service and I was hoping for some help with repairs on

This vehicle since there is so many documented cases in which premature engine failure occurred.

13. Most of the service on my vehicle was done at Fiesta Ford in Indio, California [760-772-8000] and all major service was preformed at Palm Springs Motors, Cathedral City, California [800-280-8674]

14. I was not willing to pay over $1000 for diagnostics of my engine...

15. The cause of failure was assumed to be a single cam failure, assumed by myself.

16. I never was presented with a written estimate for any work on my vehicle.

17. I would like FOMOCO to replace my vehicle, provide another similar SVT vehicle, or replace my motor with a never revision of the 3.4L V8.

Paul D. Marchu


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