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New Zealand Cam Weld Experience

New 10/22/04

The New Zealand Cam Weld

When driving my 1996 V8 SHO into the workshop of Kevin Hinchcliffe, an automotive engineer, I knew immediately a professional job was going to be done, his attitude and approach plus the spotless and tidy layout of his " shop " dispelled any anxiety I had about the work to be done on the SHO.

Kevin explained to me a friend of his Steve, a lecturer in Engineering and Welding at Auckland University, was coming in to do the welding in the evening and he ( Kevin ) would prepare the cams by stripping the engine down to the cams.

The welding prep was simple. With the low mileage and regular oil and filter changes there was no dirty oil residue on the sprocket or cams. It all looked in mint condition. All that was needed now was a thorough clean with brake cleaning fluid until there was no trace of oil, and left to dry. Also plugging the " holes and gaps " around the sprocket and cams and wait for Steve to arrive in the evening with his welding gear .

TIG welding being done by an expert looks so simple ! Hardly any arcing noise which electronic welding can make. Just a low sizzle ( no splatter ) as neat flat welding was laid down, with very fine ripples, which only an expert can do.

Sure, the job was tricky and needed patience, but these guys made the whole job look so simple with a no fuss exercise. It doesn't say much for the recommended " aircraft " and " precision " expert welders in my city of Hamilton who found all the excuses NOT to touch the job with a barge pole citing engine fire, failure lawsuits etc.

So it was well worth the 360 km round trip to Auckland to get the pros to do this work. The best part of all was the drive back to Hamilton .... Vrrrmmm Whoosh ! I'm a happy girl now ....... (-:

Kylie Jackson

Thanks Kylie,
It took Kylie a long time to find some one to do the job well.
I hope to add specific contact information soon to help other NZ owners.


About Kevin :             Name of Shop :   D&G Thomson Motors Ltd
                                                                           Automotive Engineers.
                                         Director  :             Kevin Hinchcliffe.
                                         Address  :        P.O. Box  12337, Penrose.
                                                                    10 Olive Road,
                                                                     Unit   13 - 14,
                                                                     Lakes Industrial Court,
                                       Phone  :      09  5790552
                                       Fax   :          09  5790139



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