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New V8 SHO Motor for Sale

new 4/07/04

I only am repeating what this company told me, it is in Dallas, TX, area, a warehouse guy there told me that they have a V8 SHO motor, brand new, for $4700.00.....I did not go look at it or anything, but they had a LARGE warehouse, they are near the Ford Dallas Parts Depot, I figure that is where they get lots of "just haul them off" parts deals....

Parts International
3402 Garden Brook Dr.
Farmers Branch, TX 75234
fax: 972-241-0990

I was there getting an obsolete part for my 1966 Falcon Ranchero 289 engine (I'm rebuilding it, right now)

James Jensen

I'm just passing this along, normal disclaimers all apply, (CYA)


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