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New V8 Crate Motors

This came address to webmaster, I am sure Mike is honest but the usual cautions apply.  -TW

I've got 3 BRAND NEW, factory crated, complete SHO 3.4 V8's for sale. I am asking 10K for all 3 or $4,000 each. (delivered price) These are drop-in complete, with fuel injection, alternator,...the works! There have been some nibbles so I can't guarantee how long they will be available. I thought that you folks might know of someone that needs one. I would just as soon sell them to an enthusiast as to a shop...this way your website visitors avoid the mark-up. You can call me at 970-663-5079 if you are interested. Or if you want to post something on the website you can post to my e-mail. Realworldmultimedia@yahoo.com

Mike Newman

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