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New Cam Price

new 2/19/03

The price of replacement V8SHO cam shafts may have peaked. I think once the price once was just a few hundred bucks. Last fall retail cost was $1180 or $1200 each and the best price on the WWW was $890.

During December we got reports that the cams were on engineering hold. Early February we got a rumor that the the price on cams took a big drop and replacement cam we loctited at Ford. Think about it, Loctite the cams, every one Ford has in their parts bin with a gallon of Loctite, and I bet Ford got the gallon of Loctite for free. If Ford is using Loctite on the SHO cams it was my idea first. (when do I get my royalty check?) Paul Nimz and I each figured out on our own that Loctite just isn't enough to bank on. Ford choose the least expensive way to make the problem 20% better. Say an OE cam would last 70k on average, add Loctite and now maybe it will last 90k, Wait for the first cam to die and the replacement cam might last till 70k + 90k ~ 160k for many owners, some folks, maybe 25% but Ford is willing to spend  a nickel a cam to make 75% of the owners go away.

I would like to see the same tests on Loctited cams as they did on stock, welded and pinned cams.

This week the price of a cam is down to $750 I am told. Is that list or our price? I don't know. 

Anyone has any updated please let me know,



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