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Nanci Tandy - Cam Failure #391

new 4/19/2004

Let me tell you my story. I bought my car a year ago, had 48,000 miles on it. Six weeks ago, the cam shafts went bad and has been in the garage ever since. I bought the extended warranty w/ the car, since I bought it used. The warranty people and the Ford dealer continue to argue about the costs. The bill is extremely high and escalating daily. I feel trapped because I need my car and feel I have no choice but to pay what they tell me. I see other people getting their cars back in a day or two, and really is making me wonder what they are trying to pull. I've been renting a car for this time period at $141 a week and they are telling me (even though according to my warranty, i should just have $100 deductible) that my cost alone is going to be over $850. Not sure of the actual cost at this point, but several thousand dollars. Have you ever heard of such a racket from a Ford dealer?


Nanci Tandy

Further details pending


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