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Misc Cam Failure # 423

new 8/12/04

Larry - I purchased a 1998 SHO, with 12k miles in Dec 1999. Great Car - I Sold it to a Neighbor Sept 2003 with 149k miles - I travel obviously. The neighbor, a good friend, called me today - he took the car in to a local Ford Dealer that told him that an engine noise might be a Cam Problem and est. $3k plus. It was still quite when I sold it. They also told him that the engine is not available any more. He probably hasn't put 3k to 4k miles on it since he purchased it.

I had heard of problems but was told, by Ford Dealership Shop Foreman, that it wasn't a problem "only had one that they overhauled on warranty - - -" and "if I didn't have any troubles before 65k that I probably would not have problems" - by his stating 65k miles I'm betting he was fully aware - especially after I went on the web tonight and found out about the Ford Rip-Off.

I feel obligated to the neighbor so I am looking for your thoughts. Living in the Kansas City area I didn't see anyone close that has Welded Cams (Dallas & Chicago are the closest). I saw the "Southeast CamFest" article - who is Kirk Doucette - would it be a good choice to have him make the Weld?? If the engine is just getting bad, which I think is the case, what are the chances of just getting by with the Cam Weld and 100k Service (which I had performed @ 100k) - from what I read Online if it hasn't exploded its fixable??

What is done when the Cam is Pinned - and what is the Cost - didn't find must about that - it was only mentioned?? Anyone Closer to KC?? What do you think about a Local Overhaul Shop that did a fantastic job overhauling my 1983 Bill Blass Mark IV - possibly he can get a expert welder, with consultation, or do the Pin Job instead.

 Roger Nickell

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