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Mike Kelly - Cam Failure

new 1/2/01

I have a 1997 SHO Vin. # 1FALP54N1VA268641 I bought it not running around 3 mo. ago. It had around 84,000 miles on it. I let it set for a month before getting it looked at. The shop decided that it was out of time. They took the motor out of the car, took the front cover off it, and removed the Valve covers. Someone had replaced the right rear cam and the left front cams. However, they did not get the left front cam back in time so it had bent four valves on the front head. As far as we could tell that seems to be what happen. I took the head to a local machine shop and got them to check it, all it needed was the four valves. Pistons looked fine. Got it all back together on Nov. 26 Car is running great have had no problems with it at all. Then I start looking around on the internet and found Shoclub.com Found out about this problem now I worried that it will happen again. I now thinking about taking it back and getting the cams welded.

I really am enjoying the car, but I do not want to be worried about it breaking down again.

Mike Kelly

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