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Mike Goddard - Cam Failures #565 & 566

New 7/2/05


Please add my name to your list of cam failures. I bought a 96 Ford Taurus SHO in April,2004. It ran great for about a month. The car only had 57000 miles on it when I got it and was in great shape. In June 2004 we had taken a family drive one Sunday and when we got back home I noticed this huge ticking noise. Unaware of the problem I went to the computer and found the V8SHO.com. It didn't take long to figure out that I was a victim of cam failure. After talking to FPS ,they said not to drive the car as it probably has not damaged the motor yet, and get the cams welded ASAP. I decided the closest place to have the cams welded was Rock Creek Automotive in Reidsville, NC. I towed the car down there and had the cams welded. Turned out I had two cams loose. These guys did a great job. If I hadn't found your web site my car would have been junk.

Sorry for the late info


Mike Goddard
1996 SHO
vin# 1falp54nota260169


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