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Michael L Rogers - Cam Failure #429

new 8/19/04


   I experienced the cam failure at approx. 72k.  The problem is I hadn't put 300 miles on the car.  The failure occurred before I could even begin to enjoy the car.  I understand everyone's frustration with Ford.  I originally took my car to the local Ford dealer to see what was wrong.  After a $300 diagnostic fee they said they could fix it for around $4900.  I laughed at him as I called a rollback to come and pick my lifeless SHO up.  I found a machine shop that drilled and pinned my new cams for me and I ended up at a total cost of around $2700 to $2900 in repairs.  I have since enjoyed the car tremendously.  I have been very impressed with the throttle response and handling characteristics.  This car is not for the meek.  I am going to give you my Contact Information now ( before I bore you to death with my senseless ramblings)

Michael L. Rogers
1999 GEN. 3 Taurus SHO Silver

    Please contact me with any information on this case as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your help!


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