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Mark's Diagnosis - Cam Failure #234 & 240

new 3/15/03, updated 3/403


Here is another Generation III to add to the growing list of Cam Cancer patients.

Race: FORD, 1999 Silver Taurus SHO

Birth Certificate Number: VIN: 1FAFP54N3XA250965

Age: 64,000 miles

Warning Signs: Engine or valve clattering for about 2000 miles.

Diagnosis: Separation of the Sprocket spindle from the Left Inner engine cam.

Medical Action: New cam replacement for above named cam. Medical team has deemed that the other cams are on the same course as the first broken cam and advise removal and mechanical manipulation in the form of rolled pin insertion.

Prognosis: ASE medical staff assure me that the family member will be back to 100% within a couple of weeks.

Estimated Cost: $3500-$4000

Parents Responsibility: I am the adoptive parent of this child. The mechanical parent , Ford Motor Company, has been non-responsive to the needs of their other offspring, created during the 1996 to 1999 time period.

Conclusion: As supportive parents, my wife and I cannot believe that this has happened. Though, we knew of the risks of bringing a new child into our home with a family history of medical problems, we prayed that this beautiful child, full of life, would not succumb to this disease like so many of her siblings. We are aghast at the comments that The Ford Motor Company has made to other loving adoptive parents. How can FoMoCo remove themselves from any responsibility? These children have been struck down in the infancy of their lives and abandoned by their maker.

Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Mark,

You can't sue God,  You can sue Ford. That will not remove the pain your and yours have suffered but this condition can be successfully treated. Cure rate is 100%.

RE: Behavior Modification Program, Rx: apply Edelman, Combs & Latturner to exposed tissues until FOMOCO hemorrhages Collect 100 million units of O+ whole blood.  Leave FOMOCO bone dry but wiser.


Hello Concerned SHO Citizenry,

The medical team has found a second cancerous situation. This is located on the intake cam on the left side of the engine. Additionally, bent valves have shown up on the exhaust end of this side. When it rains it... hits you in the wallet.

My mechanic cannot believe that a company would do such a lousy job in designing a cam.

Roanoke, Virginia
1999 Silver, Still on the Operation Table,
With guts on the floor,
Everybody Screaming Oh My!, Oh My!

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