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Mark Hymer - Cam Failure # 173

new 1/5/03

Hey Tim,

Just thought I would let you know some information on my failure.

I took my '97 SHO with 64,000 miles on it to the local mech on Friday the 2nd of January 03, after started to making the valve noise about week ago and he said it was lack of oil (didn't know anything) and that it might take up to 15K for a new motor, but did not say anything about a cam issue. Today the 5th my wife called and I had to go get her, she said it just died on her.

Now it is at the Ford dealer waiting for a the sun to come up and a check out for a verdict I already know.

It may well be the last Ford I buy, I hate to say that I love my Mustang GT.

Mark Hymer


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