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Mark Breeding - Cam Failure #802

New 4/18/07

Good Morning Larry. I own a 1996 Red SHO It has 114,890 miles on it. I heard a strange noise coming from the passenger side of the motor and took it to my mech. He told me about the cam failures after doing some research on the internet. I bought this car new in 1996 and have never had any issues with it besides normal maint. I want to keep the car but have no Idea who in Delaware the State can weld the cams for me, I spoke to the ford dealers and they claim no knowledge of anything to do with the cams. Can you direct me to someone that can help me? By the way my VIN # is 1FALP54N7TA260122.

Thank you in advance

Mark Breeding

More details pending - Buford

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