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Lucien Frederick - Cam Failure # 545

New 5/19/05

Larry and Tim, this is another one for the records. I suspected my car was a prior cam failure when I welded it last year and saw what looked to be a relatively new front intake cam. Today I confirmed it. I pulled the front head to replace the # 7 piston which has been exhibiting symptoms of a collapsed skirt. I found this piston installed backwards. Pistons 5 through 8 all have the tell tale valve eyebrow marks under the intake valves. The car is a '96 SF, VIN # 1FALP54N1TA270841. I purchased it in 4/04 w/ 86k miles. The dealer picked up the car at auction in Boise, Idaho. The dealer had the IMRC motor, the IAC valve, and the TC lockup solenoid replaced prior to my purchase. All work since then has been by myself.

Lucien Frederick
'96 SF welded
26mm rsb
FPS Programmed


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