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Loctite & Drill It Your Self Test

new 12/18/02

hi, ya probably donít remember me, I was the guy who was gonna try to drill my cams while still in the car. Tried that, but no bit that would cut even a little bit... then was gonna get my body and fender guy to weld them. Dropped that idea when I read all the posts on v8sho about the complexity of it, didnít figure he could handle it.... so I used locktite.. Used quite a bit, made sure it seeped into as many crevices that I could see on the cam/sprocket joint. Anyway this is a long way to go to ask you how yours' are doing??? I will get them welded this summer either over in MD or GA, but was trying to figure if they'd make it till summer?? fyi, after I used the locktite, the car sat for one solid week to let it setup...I used the locktite 640, high temp, says it must be sheared off to release..

thks, Rick

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