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Lillian Mahaffey - Cam Failure #892

Date 3/6/08

Hi we are just experiencing cam shaft problems and need some help as to what we should do. Could you please contact us with some information, I have read over the web sight and my head is spinning!!!! We would like to talk our problem over with someone. We have 63000 miles on the car.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lillian and Brian Mahaffey
Brick, NJ

Details Pending - Buford

Here is my vin # 1FALP54N9VA268242.
1997 SHO

 Lillian Mahaffey

Thank you for forwarding my information onto the legal team. And Tim thanks for making me feel like there maybe hope in saving my car from the ill fate it was headed for. I'll keep you posted on how we make out with Kirt, we left a message on his answering machine.



Hi I have just experienced this cam problem. My car has been in and out of the shop since the fall. Its been tapping, surging and the check engine light has been on. Now the say its the Cam Shaft Sprocket assemblies. Of course no dealer has parts coast to coast. But they did find a new engine in the create in a Yamaha warehouse for $17,000.00!!!!!!! So right now she sits at the dealer awaiting my reply. I decided to look her up on the web and to my SHOCK I have learned a great deal about my car which I love. I bought her as a demo car in May of 1998, she had about 10,000 on her and I fell in love with her. She only has 63,000 mile on her now. Until this past fall I never had a major problem, now I have spent about 3000.00 on her and I have hit this brick wall. Aren't there any after market parts available? I can't afford to get rid of her or fix her. My body, paint everything is perfect on her. I'm hoping you can help me somehow and I would like to join the class action suit. Please send me details. Also do you have a phone number that my husband could call you at to discuss this problem more? We are a proud family of Ford owners and I really want to try to save mine.

Thank you for you time. We will be looking forward to a response.

Lillian and Brian Mahaffey


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