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Leif Rogers - Cam Failure #669

New 3/22/06


Not too long ago my car (1998 Taurus SHO) also fell prey to Cam Failure. It happened like this, after getting gas and starting the car I noticed a diesel engine like sound (similar to the one in the demos here at V8sho.com) thinking something was strange but without any knowledge of the pending disaster I took off for my home, midway there the acceleration died and the car would stall frequently. After getting it home I had it towed to the local Ford Dealer in Plainfield where I was told that it could cost up to 10,000 dollars to fix (engine replacement, cams, etc...). Unfortunately, up until now I hadn't done a  lot of research on the SHO, had I--I might not be in this situation now since I'm left with a very expensive brick in my driveway. If you need to know any more details including mileage and condition of the car let me know.

Leif Rogers

Details Pending - Buford

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