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Lee Smith - Cam Failure #828

Date 7/7/7

Is it 828 for the next car?

Lee Smith, a 99.
I'll get the vitals in later today.

Front exhaust cam sprocket moved over into nut and wiggles when camshaft is rotated back and forth. Car sounded a little funny when first started, but did NOT sound like a classic cam failure. Owner was standing right there when I saw the sprocket and I moved it in front of him. He was asked for, and gave, permission to add him to the list of cam failures.

Being 07-07-07, and having just finished a 3 - 4 hour drive to get here with a loose cam sprocket, Lee felt it proper to play the Lottery today.
Eric Lehmann
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Details Pending - Buford


Lee Smith

1999 SHO
VIN - 1FAFP54N5XA238154
107,562 miles -

Front Exhaust cam sprocket walked all the way into nut & was able to be rocked independent of the cam shaft, discovered during camweld.


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I would not have believed it unless I had seen it!

That Sprocket was LOOSE! saw it with my own eyes.  Simply amazing. This car drove strong and was relatively quiet. In  fact I was fairly certain that it had already been welded (although I hadn't checked). When I saw him rotate the intake cam and watched the exhaust cam spin on the cam shaft I almost fainted...lol!

Much thanks to a Eric for saving me big $$$$. A great guy too...

 I am still trying to figure out what made Yamaha and  Ford think that swedging the cam sprocket was an acceptable manufacturing process for this application?

Quality is job 1?

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