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Lawsuit Update


Yesterday Larry & I got a copy of our "Plaintiffs Response to Ford Motors Company's Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff's Second Amended Complaint".

It is not like reading a great book. We restate the facts: that is Ford knew that they made and sold defective engines and hid that information from us the buyers.

Ford makes a bunch of strange objections, like you guys can't sue us because we just made the car, you purchased it from a dealership. Or, why not have each owner sue us in all 50 states instead of a class action suit in IL?

Fords arguments are for lack of a better word pure farm fertilizer. Our attorneys seem to overcome the objections with precedents from well settled case law.

I was under the impression that if you make frivolous or not-well-thought-out objections a side loses face and stature before the court. I guess I am wrong because Ford is pulling out all the moronic stops, however frivolous and inappropriate, I assume just to delay the inevitable.

Sometimes when you are new to something, like new to a sport, you are in a poor position to judge if a person you are watching is really good at something or just making it look easy. Reading this I don't give much for Ford's chances.

Yesterday I discussed this with Don Mallinson who reminded me it took 15 years for GM to settle the "gas tank in the pickup cab" lawsuit. No doubt Ford would love to drag this out till 15 years from now. If and when Ford wants to talk we would do well to remember how Ford has systematically jerked us around, not only on the occasion of the cam failures but consistently since.

I am saying I am still holding Fud in utter contempt (more so when I read their excuses), I am still optimistic, and still resolute on seeing this through no matter how long it takes. Fud is trying to wear us down. May they enjoy "getting it" as well as they enjoy "giving it" away.  We may yet find a proper place to put Ford's defective camshafts.


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