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Larry Langdon - Cam Failure

new 7/08/02

Scott Waters here. Guess what? The 1996 SHO I owned for two years and sold last August has "let go" and is toast. I got a phone message last night from the owner and I spoke with him today. He was driving about 20 mph when the motor started making a "odd sound" and "tick tick tick" it stopped dead on the road.

So I am trying to help him out since he doesn't use the internet and find him a good solid used V8 motor, reasonably priced.

Please email me if you have one for sale. I live in Michigan. BTW...trading in my 96 SHO today at 5:30.

Scott Waters

Larry Langdon
1996 SHO with 95k miles.
Died with NO preliminary ticking, cruising about 20 mph.

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