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Title: Larry D. Peterlin Cam Failure #317


I have purchased a 1999 Taurus SHO for my daughter, with no knowledge of any cam defect until today.

Approximately 30 days ago, with me being somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to engine noises, heard what appeared to be a a lifter tick. My daughter was about 60 miles away from home when she told me to listen to the tick, as my family were all present for a stock car race.I checked the oil , all seemed fine. She made it about 20 miles and the engine light came on and car stalled.

Since this time I have been trying to find someone to fix this car.

 Today I was given this web address to check out and what a surprise. I am a Ford man, I and my company own 6 Fords. My sales rep who I know well, never told me anything about a defect. WHAT A SURPRISE.

1999 Ford Taurus SHO 4D 1FAFP54N8XA248032

Larry D. Peterlin


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