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Kirk Radovich - Cam Failure #417 & 418

new 8/28/02, updated 8/7/04

I have a 97 V8SHO in CA with a bad engine. It's at Pittsburg Ford as we speak. This is my second cam failure. My first was in 2000 at around 115K if I remember right (I'd have to check my paperwork) This was before we all knew of the problem. Well the ticking started again two weeks ago and the cars has been in the shop since last Tuesday. Unfortunately the dealer only has one mechanic that familiar enough "with my car" to work on it and he had vacation scheduled. The car has 160K now, I just want to get the darn thing fixed so I can sell this money pit.

Feel free to contact me at kradovcich1@msn.com for any info. I'd be happy to join a class action suit.

Kirk Radovcich

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Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2004 3:01 PM
Subject: Goodbye Old Girl

Well it's time for me to leave the list.
I've truly enjoyed my 97 SHO (While it ran), I've also paid over 14K in repairs to Ford over the past 5years, three Cams, Tranny, A/C.  No one in CA was willing to weld the cams until Chris and his Dynamic Duel in Placerville came along.  But unfortunately that was too late,  cam failure #4 came last year and the car sat on the side of the house for 16 months.  Chris's Duel said this slip caused damage and I just couldn't see spending another 6K+ to get the car up and running again.
Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to the old girl.  She was put on a flatbed tow truck and donated to the Foundation for Children and the Disabled.  Hopefully they'll get some funds at an auction from the car.
The charitable receipt was for $8500.00 for a tax write off.  Hey at least I'll get something out of it.  I've kept all of my receipts just in case the class action suit every get settled.
Best of luck to all you SHO owners.
Kirk Radovcich - Northern California

Hello Tim,

No I have not spoken to the lawyers yet, I was under the assumption that if I had one documented failure in the FAQ that I was part of the class action lawsuit automatically. If not, this should be clarified to the group.

I have only one non - documented case on V8SHO dated 8/28/02. Within the next week I'll go the V8 SHO site and document all failures using the FAQ format. I just took a look at the Cam Failure Links on the site. Boy you folks have done a GREAT job documenting this problem, advising us on repair procedures etc. As I said, My wife and I LOVED that car but the dollars shelled out was too much of a burden. We just felt uncomfortable on if, lets just say when, something else would fail.

Kirk Radovcich


Clarification by request:  All V8SHO owners, past or present, are encouraged to participate in the class action lawsuit. One need not have experienced a cam failure to join.

We do NOT automatically sign folks up without their knowledge or without their explicit consent.

see also http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/NewGuyorRecentCamFailure.htm for details.

[To join the class action suit the lawyers need to be able to contact you, send me your legal name, mailing address, E mail address, phone numbers and VIN.  I will forward the info to the legal team.]

Send your info to Contact Information and we will forward your info to our legal team. We will not use your contact information given to us for the class action lawsuit  for any other reason.

Timothy Wright

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