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Kipplin Carter - Cam Failure # 359

new 2/10/04

Hey my is Kipplin Carter I had a cam failure a while back, but never got my vin into you. I had them replaced under my extended warranty that I got from Rosenthal Acura. I will answer the most important info as best as I can. My # is1FALP54N7VA262150

 I noticed the whole noise thing in the first week of June 2003. I drove it very, very sparingly for the next week until I got into Rosenthal who subcontracted it over to Sheehy. I purchased the car with 73,481 in May and I had only put on about 1,600 miles (give or take) before I got it into the shop. I even had one ford dealer that will remain nameless that basically refused to honor the warranty (The advisor made it very clear to me that none of his mechanics are familiar with the SHO in any form). Any other questions or info need please feel free to contact me.


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