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Kim - Cam Failure

new 9/13/02

Mr. Wright; we talked on the phone a couple weeks back regarding my sprocket failure and you suggested I write a note that may be included in the V8SHO.com website.

Here it is for you consideration. I am still deciding whether to throw a junkyard motor in or sell as is. Thanks.

'97 Taurus SHO overhead Cam failure; sprocket apparently rotated relative to camshaft. Occurred at light tip in at 45mph, under 3200 RPM. Engine started missing, (running on 4 cylinders) and loss of power brakes due to engine vacuum loss. Engine started overheating while driven 1/2 mile to find parking lot at reservoir fill bottle. Dealer wanted $1500 to take engine/trans out to look at; estimated costs at $3000 - $9000. 1 cam costs around $1000.00 for part.

Was told new engine is $13,000 and parts are hard to come by. Valves probably bent and piston contact from 0 interference engine probably damaged.

No issues were found at 100,000 mile recommended tune up (done at 125,000mi). I took car back to complain about engine missing. Confirmed missing w/shop supervisor after originally told it was not missing. Was then told in needed #1 and #3 coils. Why wasn't this found at tuneup when intake manifold was removed to replace plugs? Was told intake had to come out again. I picked up car to return at future date due to costs.

Ford Customer Service contacted asking why is Ford turning their backs on dedicated group of SHO owners.


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