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Kevin Walz - Cam Failure #507

New 1/31/05

I have a 97 SHO and the cam gear just stripped on me. I only have about 80k on the car. This is the first I have ever heard about this problem. Well kinda. I looked on ebay at other sho's and some of them said something about welding a cam. Did not know what they were talking about, so I called the two biggest ford dealer ships in the area. Both of them did not have a clue what this meant. A couple of months latter my cam gear stripped. This makes me a little mad. Now my car which is in almost perfect shape I am told is only worth about $800.00 at a wrecking yard. That is enough to make a grown man cry. Then I hear this is happening to almost every one ever made that has not been fixed. Ford has to know about this problem and they are not saying anything. Even if they did not fix it they should have the obligation to they valued consumers to tell them what they need to do to get it fixed before it breaks. I was once the biggest ford man there ever was. Now I just bought a brand new chevy work truck.

here is my info.
Please keep me informed

Kevin Walz

1997 ford taurus sho
vin # 1FALP54N7VA179737


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