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Kevin DeSilva-Walsh - Cam Failure #439

new 9/8/04


I just stopped by the v8sho.com website trying to see if a problem my wife had with her car yesterday was seen before. As you can probably imagine, I am shocked at the degree it appears this problem is occurring. Although it has not "officially" been diagnosed, all of the symptoms and pre-failure signs are pointing to her SHO having the cam failure described on the website. The SHO is now sitting at a mechanics shop awaiting my decision to start analyzing the failure. Is there a simple diagnostic that can pinpoint this problem. I'd like to be able to guide my mechanic to this in case it is the issue. So far the electronic readings he's received shows a manifold air sensor reading that is too low and that there is not enough compression in the system.

I would appreciate any help or advice you could offer.


Kevin DeSilva-Walsh

Details Pending


Thanks again for the reply. I will start getting the 17 questions answered so that you can include my statistics in your analysis of this problem. Luckily (or unluckily) we had an extended powertrain warranty out on the car. I had an independent mechanic look at the car and give me his diagnosis before I had the car towed to a Ford dealership for diagnosis. The Ford service employee I spoke with told me of a SHO he had in there two weeks ago where the engine needed to be replaced. The cost was $21,000 of which Ford was willing to pay $6,100 (book value). I don't know if it's ESP or what but I got a feeling they are heating up the coals for me to be raked over. In anticipation of a "real" problem, I am contacting a lawyer and getting all information I can together for the local press agencies.



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