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Kevin Hetherington -Cam Failure #246

new 4/24/03, updated 4/09/04

I have bought a 1996 Taurus SHO and a couple of weeks down the road the one of the back cams froze up and the valves drop to the pistons. Not to happy to buy a SHO and end up having to rebuild the motor at a hundred thousand not good. I see you have a law suit involved with the faulty cams if I can help let me know my name is Kevin Hetherington and my email address is shoplus@msn.com.


I have a 96 SHO with bad cams the back cams are the ones that went out my vin # is 1FALP54N3TA239610 
the car has 109800 on it well thatís Kevin Hetherington my email is shoplus@msn.com and cell phone is thanks Kevin 

Details pending

Here are the things you wanted to know about my 96 SHO
1 Kevin Hetherington
2 Dewitt Mi 48820
3 email shoplus@msn.com
4 VIN # 1FALP54N3TA239610
5 phone number 
6 Date of malfunction 03/02/03
7 It happened at home in the driveway at a idle
8 109870
9 2/29/03
10 109800
11 The back cams dropped and seized up

I have taken the cam out of my SHO and found that the sprocket has came loose but when I removed it I still had compression  can I just put a new cam in the car? There was no damaged to the lifters .

Kevin Hetherington

You may have bent valves,

see http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/NewGuyorRecentCamFailure.htm

Timothy Wright

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