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K Meir - Cam Failure #508

New 3/3/05

Note:  EBay #508 was the same as EBay #308, Ebay #508 deleted, DON'T increment March count since #508 was counted in Feb.  - Buford

Ok guys, I know you are going to give me a reaming. Many years ago when I welded the cams, I did all but the front exhaust. I looked at it and figured no way it could move between that big a$$ nut and the side. Well, it moved. Momma told me it had been making noise for a couple weeks, I thought it was the bad coil I never replaced. When I started it, right away I new what it was. Idled smooth though. No miss at all. I'll try and get a bore scope to check inside without removing the head.

Where are one of the better places to buy a cam?

Did the price really drop?

How is the easiest way to change the front exhaust cam?

I'll post more later.

k mier


The boss let me use a welder at work Thursday afternoon, and I finished putting everything together Friday. Things look good. No problems at all. If I were a cat it would have cost me about eight out of nine lives. Still hard to believe the AWA drove the car around for two weeks with the cam sprocket walking on the cam and it never jumped time.

Everybody talks about the trannys being disposable. We have over 160,000 on the original, that's good, right....

k mier

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