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John W. Cox - Cam Failure #797

New 4/5/07

Good evening Larry, I wanted to join the list and am supplying the following information. I purchased my 1996 SHO in September of 2006. When I purchased it, it had already experienced the cam failure - so yes I purchased it with a bad engine but in all honestly, inside and out, the car was in excellent condition. The previous owner had taken the car to a local Ford dealership in Omaha (Atchley Ford, 3633 N 72nd St, 68134, 402-574-2600) on 10/20/2004 when he noticed the "ticking" noise indicative of the cam failure - which was at 96,412k miles. He was told by the service dept. what it would take to investigate or fix it the problem and what the cost would be. He didn't know what to do so drove it home to think about it - only to have it fail within six miles of leaving the dealership. I replaced the cam failed engine with an engine from a salvaged SHO out of CA but I had the cams on the replacement engine welded before installing into my SHO. Since then, the vehicle has run like a champ. I have a feeling and sense of pride in thinking I have brought this car back to life and saved it from an ill-fated trip to a bone yard. I have complete Carfax report and records for this vehicle and for the salvaged vehicle I purchased the engine out of.

My 1996 SHO VIN# 1FALP54N3TA299077
Silver Frost
Mileage at time of purchase 96,418k

Salvage engine from 1999 SHO VIN# 1FAFP54NXXA191879
Salvage date listed as 4/5/2006 with 56,762k miles.

My personal contact information is:
John W. Cox

I would also like to thank you and all of the contributors to the V8SHO site as this has been one site that I have found most useful in obtaining information about my vehicle that has helped with various issues that I have tried to correct on my own. Keep it up and it is nice to see someone has gone to bat for all of the SHO owners throughout the US.

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