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John Delmar - Cam Failure

new 12/4/02

I am the happy owner of a 96 toreador red SHO. About a month ago I started hearing a tapping noise from the top end. Finally Monday I was able to bring the car in for service. Thanks to your site I was able to tell the service writer and the mechanic exactly what the problem was going to be. I live in Staten Island N.Y., and this was the first time they have seen this problem in my local ford dealership, which I worked for four years. So far just the cost for the parts to fix the motor is up to 6000$ and counting, luckily I purchased the extended service plan when I bought the car. Today a warranty rep was down to look at the car to determine if they were going to repair the motor. According to ford they can no longer get a replacement motor they can only fix, should I accept the new cams? Will they go also? Will I have future problems or are the sprockets put on the new cams affixed better than the original?


John Delmar

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