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Joel Hinson Cam Failure #597

New 9/12/05

I need some advice. I have a 99 SHO with 200,000 miles. I know its a lot but I love my car. I would like to keep it. Recently, I've noticed the ticking sound which is a system of a cam failure. I realize it could possibly be something else like a valve or something. I don't see many other III gen SHO owners with that many miles. My question is: is it worth it to repair? Can you have a motor rebuilt due to the mileage? And who is a reliable cam welder close to where I live? I'm from Auburn, AL. I noticed that there is a recommended cam welder at

Ford Performance Specialists of Georgia, Inc.
8810 Bright Star Rd.
Douglasville, GA 30134-1430
Located 15 minutes west of Atlanta off I-20 just past Six Flags over Georgia
Voice : (770) 949-7191

Have you ever heard of these guys and can they help me? I would appreciate any feedback!


Joel Hinson

Details Pending - Buford

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