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Jimmy Allen - Cam Failure #722

New 8/2/06


 I am Jimmy Allen from Thomaston Ga. I own a 96 gen III SHO. I Bought it used in 99 with 72,000 miles, and have had very few problems with it. However I think the things that I have been reading about have struck. First off I was coming home from North Carolina on Monday 7/31 and stopped at a rest area, to my surprise smoke was boiling from under the hood. After looking I noticed that transmission fluid was pouring from underneath. After 2 quarts of fluid I made the final 100 miles home and it hasn't leaked since. I haven't had that checked as of yet because it is pretty much parked until I can get the knocking diagnosed.

But the biggy that I need advice on is the cam failure. It started a knocking/ticking sound seems to be coming from the passengers side of the engine. I have taken it to 2 mechanics here in Thomaston and they get a deer in the headlights look when you open the hood. It now has 138,000 miles on it and still looks sharp as ever. This car is my wife's baby and has never been driven hard at ALL. Does this sound like the cam shaft failure that I have been reading about? After visiting the supposedly best mechanics in my town I started researching the internet and found this site and a few others, that all mention this problem and say that it is not a matter of, if, but when this will occur.

The engine still runs good for the moment but I do not want to push it until it becomes catastrophic. Please let me know what you think. In the meantime I guess I have a lovely yard ornament, until I can find a mechanic. Any info that you can give me be will much greatly appreciated. I have always been a ford guy and have never owned another American made car, but they old slogan Found On Road Dead seems to be coming to reality.

Also, let me know what I can do to help the cause or join the suit if it is still in court. By the way, AWESOME job you all have done with this site it is very informative has tons of great information.

Jimmy Allen
Thomaston Ga.
ONCE  A VERY enthusiastic SHO owner

VIN ~ 1FALP54N0TA252881

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