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Jim Miller - Cam Failure #186, 187, 188

new 1/18/03


My name is Jim Miller and I was very glad to see that my camshaft experiences have not been isolated. I am in the process of having my third, yes third camshaft put in. The first one went with under 60,000 miles in January 2001. I purchased this car used in June 1999 with 34,000 miles. I did not buy an extended warranty. My first cam went in Jan. 2001, second in Dec. 2001 and third in Jan. 2003, which was caused by another problem. The first two repairs were done at an independent garage. However, they do have records of communicating this issue with Ford and a representative of Ford did come to pick up the camshafts and took down the info. Never got feedback after months of trying. 

 My VIN # is 1FALP54N4TA248252. I very much want to be included in this class action suit. Please contact me if you when you need anything else.

Jim Miller
96 SHO NY 

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