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Jenn Swire - Cam Failure #415

new 07/29/2004

Here's another one for you.....I am just going to answer all these questions in the order you had on the website so I don't forget anything.

Jennifer Swire
Drums, PA 18222

My VIN# is 1FALP54N6TA271127. 1996 Silver SHO.

The date this happened was around 9/28/03. I took it in the next day. I have the receipt.

It happened at my house. I got home from work and parked the car in the driveway. I went out to move it about an hour later and when I started it it sounded like hell.

The odometer reading was 104145

I was not traveling at all I started the car about an hour after getting home from work. On the way home from work I was traveling on the highway at about 65-70mph. I did not hear the noise when I parked the car when I first got home.

I purchased the car on 9/16/03 it was used.

The odometer reading was approx 103000 at time of purchase.

Before this happened I had no problems. when I started the car in my driveway the check engine light was on (which I know has nothing to do with it) and I heard a knocking noise. I took it to Barber Ford and they told me I needed a IVR Solenoid. As far as the knocking noise they said "the valve cover gasket was leaking especially on the left front cylinder. The knock (or Noise) would need further diagnosis." I then took the car to Delbalso Ford. I unfortunately had no other form of transportation due to the fact my other car (a Taurus LX) was in the garage getting work done. I finally was able to take it (my SHO) to Delbalso Ford on 10/23/03. They also said I had a head Gasket leak and they confirmed my "exhaust cam was worn". I didn't ask any questions being naive I didn't know I could have I just wanted my car fixed. I bought an extended warranty from the Car lot I bought the car off of. It was through CARS warranty company (who also has a lawsuit against them for not covering what they say they will in their warranty). The bottom line is that to replace the cam my bill was estimated at $4339.88. That was more than I paid for the damn car!!!! So the other option I had was to replace the whole engine. That was cheaper and that was what I did. The warranty company would only cover $1247.04. I had to come up with $2000 for the used engine and I had to put another 386.71 toward the rest they wouldn't cover. Plus it was at the Ford Dealer from 10/23/03 till 12/12/03 because of having to go back and forth with the warranty company. I have all the receipts. The dealership never told me what caused the failure and I never asked so I guess that is my fault. I was more pissed with the people I bought the car off of. It was just a used car lot. It is Jaden's Auto Works. They found the engine for me but that was about all they did. I can honestly say dealing with Delbalso Ford was not a problem. They were more than helpful as far as dealing with the warranty company. They were going back and forth with the warranty company for about a month before any work was even done since they (CARS warranty Company) wouldn't pay for the car to be fixed. The cause of the failure was obviously nothing I did due to the fact all I did was start the car. Who designed these things anyway? The bottom line is I love my car and I wanted to keep it so whatever they told me I needed I was going to fix it.....how stupid is that? My bill ended up being $2386.71. Since then I have also had other problems totaling about $1000. The car is running fine now, I actually got it back last night from it's most recent sickness. The relay for the air pump went bad and that caused the air pump to go bad. I could send you a list if you really want. I have a glove compartment full of receipts!!! Anyway you really want to know how Ford can satisfy me? They can make a Gen4 SHO and give me one of my choice for FREE!!!! and if they have bad engines they can replace it for FREE!!! (We all know that won't happen) Anyway we can all wish, right? I guess I would be satisfied with just being reimbursed for the money I put into this thing plus the $800 I am paying for Kirk to weld the cams and The $800 it will cost me to travel to Tennessee to get my car welded.

I have a 1997 24 valve V6 Taurus LX that has 132000 miles on it and I use it for work so I beat the hell out of it and I have not had any problems what so ever with it. There are times I am driving 100 mph for about 60 miles straight and no problems. Everyone tells me it is not meant to be driven 100 but it wouldn't go that fast if it wasn't made to go that fast, right? Normal things like brakes and stuff yeah but not one serious problem. Ford messed up with the GEN 3 SHO so we all suffer. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I get it back from the shop but I have drained my bank account because of it. The things we do for the car we love.
I guess that is it if you need anymore info please let me know.
Jenn Swire


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