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Jeffrey Ward - Cam Failure

updated 5/14/02


I have a 1997 SHO with all the bells and whistles it has 75000 miles on it and just past the ESP by 6 months yet still under the mileage allotted. I heard a nose coming from the front of the engine on the passenger side. It almost sounded like a bearing noise coming from the power steering pump. I first heard this nose on Saturday.

Unfortunately I did not have much time on my hands to truly look into the problem. On Thursday my wife took the car and that is when it stopped running. It was acting as if the timing was off so that is why I decided to take off the valve cover to investigate. I took them both off yet did not see any thing wrong. But when I turned over the engine that is when I saw that the most front cam sprocket was not turning at all. As I read your note I am beginning to realize this is a big problem. I called Ford and they want $1030.37 for a new cam. But as I am reading you can weld the sprocket to the cam maybe that would be the way to go. I am your average do it yourself mechanic and was wondering if you or anyone had any good tips on how to go about fixing this problem and wondering if this job is just to big.

Sometimes I don't know why I still buy Ford products. I am also an owner of a 96 Ford Windstar and it to was just past the warranty. When the head gasket blew. This to was a known problem with Ford yet they did not want to fix it. I also argued with them for sometime and they did end up picking up 40% off the cost.

Jeffrey P. Ward

To all

Well it looks like you were right about the valves getting hit once the sprocket lets go. I at least have two valves that will not move. I have not gone any further with it.

I just got off the phone with ford and she flat out told me that there is nothing they will do. Even though my ESP has just expired by 6 months but under on the mileage.

Has anyone heard back from Ford on this matter?

Has anyone every received any help from ford?

My brother works for the Attorney Generals office in Illinois and I am wounding if getting them involved would help force ford into making a decision on this?

Who at ford should I contact that knows about this problem?

Does anyone know what is the best way to go about fixing this? Should I try to rebuild it if so what would be the cost or should I get a new or rebuilt engine and what would be the cost of that?

The body is in great condition it is white with grey leather interior. I have never had any other problems with it. I like the car and would like to keep it.

Jeffrey P. Ward

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