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Jeffrey Glovier - Cam Failure #219

new 2/16/03

6-19-00 Ticking noise coming from engine bay-Service Department at Bill Brown Ford Livonia, MI said vehicle does not a problem. Mileage at first concern-12,908.

5-23-01 Ticking has become loud intermittent "clicks" when driving. Atchinson Ford Service Department told me vehicle is ok. Mileage second concern-24,439.

12-1-02 I stopped driving the SHO because the noise is getting worse and I am a certified mechanic and know the noise is not normal.

1-8-03 I contacted Atchinson Ford Service Department with VIN asking about recalls, campaigns, or service announcements on my vehicle and was told "no".

1-15-03 I had gone to the Detroit Auto Show just to speak with a Ford Motor Rep and he told me he was aware of the problem and told me to "park" it. The rep said get it fixed ASAP and don't drive it there have it towed.

1-16-03 Bill Parks, Atchinson Ford Service Manager, came to my home to listen to my SHO because I would not drive it to the service garage. He started it and we waited for it to reach normal temp. The "chuka", "chuka", "chuka" noise started and he agreed it was not normal.

1-29-03 Left messages for Bill Parks the manager of Atchinson Ford to call me back. Never did.

2-5-03 Talked to Tim Gorman, Manager Bill Brown Ford. He said he would research and call me back.

2-7-03 Talked to Bill Parks, Atchinson Ford Service Manager, about contacts he has made regarding my car's problem. Bill told me he contacted the technical "hotline". I thought "excuse me"?.

2-7-03 Talked with Tim Gorman, Service Manager Bill Brown Ford, and he said he would check further and call by Monday (2-10-03). I am still waiting.

When I first heard the "ticking" I feared that the vehicle had gotten some bad gas or something. Then I realized it is still there so I wanted the service people to check it out. I know where the noise was coming from and after reading the Detroit Free Press and the info on the web site my concern was justified. Considering all the problems Ford Motor has of late it did not surprise me that there was another problem that tried to get swept under the rug. There is no doubt the cam design is faulty.

Dear Mr.Wright;

My name is Jeffrey Glovier. I spoke with you on the week of Feb 10th regarding the information you requested pertaining to my 1999 Ford SHO.

Per our conversation, you also requested my address, phone number and VIN.

Here is the following info to the above:

Jeffrey Glovier

The vin # is: 1FAFP54N9XA260304

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Glovier

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