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Jason Mahoney - Cam Failure

new 09/07/02

Driving around last night and noticed a fast "ticking" sound coming from my engine compartment. Not audible from the inside of the car. Popped the hood and it seems as though the side of the engine closest to the firewall is where the sound is coming from. Very loud, lots of ticking/tapping/rattling. I'm thinking that all the valves in the rear bank are tapping/going bad??? That sound right or does that not make sense at all? Now it "kind of" sounds like a diesel, but not altogether. There's no loss of power, seems to running smoothly, no stalling, no leaks, only mod done in the engine is a K&N panel.

Is this the beginning of a cam failure? Any thoughts? I have 6,000 mi left on my ESP. I hope that if it goes, it goes before then!

Jason Mahoney
98 TR
Pittsburgh, PA

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